• The golf course consists of a course, landscape and infrastructure

    The golf course consists of several interrelated parameters.

  • Contemporary golf courses are often too unnatural

    Contemporary golf course design has become too artificial.

  • Contemporary golf courses are often too similar

    Golf courses around the world become more similar, as a result of globalization.

  • We believe, golf courses can also be different

    Modern golf courses are mostly made in the form of a coded nature interpretation, which often alienates landscape.

  • Another design, another approach to play

    A different design does not mean that the courses are inferior to the play, on the contrary; they are much more interesting to play.

  • Concept of the course

    When designing golf courses a conceptual design is needed.

  • Social and environmental responsibility are our main design principles

    In where we should be in designing golf courses an example of land use.

Back to nature  are examples of golf courses, where distinctive local natural or cultural landscape is an equivalent integral part at the designing of the course. That is to say that the courses are less artificial, more natural and more embedded ...
Forward to future emphasises the conceptual design approach, where the forming of space plays an important role. The course is formed on the basis of conceptual imaginary space instead of characteristics of local landscape. The course therefore is not ...